Background Of Land Record

Land records in AJ &k have progressed over hundreds of years. For Indian rulers income from land was the fundamental wellspring. The present type of planning and upkeep of Land Records began amid Mughal period. It is exceptionally troublesome for a typical man to comprehend their own records of rights. Delinquency and absence of straightforwardness are different issues connected with Land Records in Kashmir. Legislature of Azad Jammu Kashmir understood these issues and began Land Records Management Information system, with the plan to institutionalize and automate all land records in Azad Jammu Kashmir in a staged way. Under LRMIS-AJ & K all land records and related administrations are being made mechanized system. The Land Record management Information System (LRMIS-AJ & K) is propelled by Government of AJ&K under the regulatory control of Information Technology Board having mean to modernize administration of Land records, minimize extent of land/property debate, improve straightforwardness in the Land records support system, and encourage moving in the long run towards ensured definitive titles to ardent properties in the City.

The significant parts of the system are as follows:
1. Maintenance, updating and preservation of land records and consolidation of land holdings.
2. Recovery of loans, advance payments, outstanding dues that were declared as arrears of land revenue.
3. Using acquisition/ allotment technique to allocate land to govt. or semi govt. agencies.
4. Study / re-review and upgrade of all overview and settlement records including formation of unique cadastral records wherever fundamental, computerization of enlistment and its combination with the land records support system.