Objectives Of Land Record

The Azad Government of the State of Jammu and Kashmir has launched a project for establishment of Land Record Management Information System (LRMIS) with the objective to modernize the system of maintenance of Land Records of the AJK State. It aims at providing vide range of services in more efficient way. IT board of AJK performs important functions relating to land ownership and revenue management. The overall objectives of the project are aimed to revolutionize the record keeping in revenue transactions through Land Records Management Information System.in the following District of AJK.
1. Hattain
2. Dadyal
3. Dhirkot
The proposed system will bring the required transparency in the whole revenue administration and land records. The proposed system aims to establish a one window operation in revenue administration, as any applicant will be moving his/her application for issuance of any certificate.
A web based system would enable a common citizen having access to required information without any hassle. The system would also have the provision to cater to the need of Banks and Courts in adjudicating matters raised before it in litigations as these would be able to get the verification of all record by having the access to database. The transparency so introduced would alleviate the monopoly and restriction over land and revenue information and reduce the occurrence of over government land and property. The objective of the project is to:
1. Maintain record of rights through electronic documentation.
2. Execution of efficient mutation process.
3. Database to provide means for effective planning and accurate taxation.
4. Database to provide reliable mode of information to help resolve land dispute.
5. Improvement in Land Record service delivery and transparency.
6. Sharing of information electronically among all stakeholders.
7. Integration of LRMIS with urban property records and registration deeds related to land and property transactions.